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About Us

Accountancy and Finance Professionals

About Pramisha Business School

Accountancy and Finance Professionals

A global business school aimed to offer world-class business qualification from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (United Kingdom), known as ACCA, UK for becoming a global chartered accountant capable of choosing the place of work anywhere in the world.

We provide world class educational service

ACCA Amit Kumar (Amit Dharnia)

Founder & CEO Pramisha Business School, Dehradun

Our Vision

“We are here to create stars of tomorrow”

We support dreams of people aspiring to become entrepreneurs with global footprints and be among elite group of skilled people with a global passport.

The goal is to create VIVIANA life for future generations, human beings full of life & happiness raring to go out to serve the world and daring to dream to create value in society.

The goal is to enjoy the success, to enjoy the transformation of ordinary to extraordinary, to see smiles on the faces of mentors, to see hope with blessings of parent’s, to see confidence in the eyes of achievers, to feel moments of pride, create moments of joy, happiness."

Our Mission

Pramisha means "Goddess of Knowledge" which blesses us with an opportunity to be a medium to share knowledge and experience to help future generations to learn know, excel & rise in life.

We aim to give opportunity to students to study global business qualification being in India and develop industry ready global workforce with highest ethical standards, professional competence & integrity.