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Why Join Us

Why you should join Pramisha Business School

Why Join Us ?

Looking for quality business and finance qualification.

We provide the best solution to knowledge seekers and understand the emotions of participants studying ACCA qualification around the world and can see smiles of success on the faces of people who believe in us.

We are able to prepare you to win the battle in mind and help you on your journey, with great insights on technical aspects as well as acting as a lamplighter guiding you to realize your true potential to succeed in life.

Our Campus & Online Classroom

We have state of the art campus at Malsi, Dehradun equipped with latest technology with classes being delivered on digital whiteboards with an ability to connect online with students via phone or laptop. The classes being delivered gets recorded and are available for reference of students through a learning management system (LMS).

We are providing Group seminars using latest online technology to help students join the online classroom instantly. The teaching platform gives flexibility of interacting with teachers, chat, raise hand and express doubts with clarifications immediately as one is studying, in case students are not able to attend the class physically.

Expert Teachers

We are a team of highly experienced competent chartered accountants who are members of ACCA UK and India. The rich experience gained in industry makes us capable of giving practical insight to the technicalities of ACCA qualification. A combination of quality experience with the understanding of exams, makes the life of participants a lot easier.

Some Great Features of Our Methodology

  • Advance Technology
  • face to Face Teaching
  • Option to Attend Online
  • Expert Teachers
  • Video Courses
  • Exam Approach & Guidance
  • Industry Practices & Insights
  • Success Tips